Hibari and Mukuro.. I can't decide..

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The Little Princess is here...


This is my first layout. I am a big fan of Katekyo Hitman Reborn series and my fav are Hibari Kyouya and Rokudo Mukuro. Whether they are the 15 years old or the adult version, I like all of them! XD
When I came here, I really want to have a set of avatar, signature image and layout out from these two guys. And the person who accept my request is chrisp-san. She is a wonderful person. Because of her, I owned this whole set of Hibari and Mukuro memorabilias that I love so much! XD Thank you, chrisp-san from the bottom of my heart! XD

Now, back to my Hibari and Mukuro layout, at first I'm choosing this scan to be the layout image:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

But chrisp-san have some problem with Mukuro's weapon and his arm. And it is so hard to find a good scan consist of Hibari and Mukuro standing together. So, I choose this instead:
Boys in colour by Karina2110
Boys in colour by Karina2110

This is the wallpaper, but it was made using the vector from Chloe-chan. So, I thought of using Chloe-chan's vector to be my layout image. And it turn out just great! I just want the part of Hibari and Mukuro. In this vector, they are just perfect. They stand together and they look just so good! I couldn't resist not using this vector as my layout image.

Well, when I'm looking at Hibari and Mukuro, they always remind me of a chapter that I read in the manga. It is the chapter about Hibari Vs. Mukuro for the first time. Mukuro used Hibari's fear which end to a defeat for Hibari. Earlier in the manga, Hibari was bitten by the trident mosquitoes by Dr. Shamal. The bite leads to the fear of sakura. When Hibari is surrounding by sakura trees, he couldn't beat Mukuro and due to his fear, he lost this battle. I think the color scheme and the sakura petals you can see in this layout came from this story. I've mentioned it once to chrisp-san. And she took it and make it into this layout. I'm so happy she get what I want in mind and I am really surprise at first. Because I didn't expect this. So, now you know the story of my layout. :D

Hope you like it as much as I do! niko.

	ImageMerry Christmas Aqi-chan, Trofi-chan and Chrisp-san! Hope you all have a warm Christmas day! Thanks for your kind wishes and cards! >:D
Spectacular, stunning. Just look at my Mukuro avatar and Hibari signature image, they are made just for me by chrisp-san.
Mukuro, mukuro, mukurou-chan [Oya?]
Hibird, hibird, namimori~ [Sa!]

  • Sep 04, 2009

I'm supporting Mokuro... Yay... even though he have hair with pineapple style....hehehe

But.... I love Hibari tooo... he's strong and super coolllll too....

Wargh... it's hard to decide which one is better....

Well I can't decide it eiter... hehehe -^.^-

  • Dec 05, 2009



I'll kill you


i think the last image is more useful and more exploitable

Signature Image
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i dont like mukuro, though he is a better chara than hibari!

  • Mar 13, 2010


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