Background Images will not show up.

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What once was good enough...


I've uploaded a custom background image following the example that was given, however the part to the right of the screen that is to be tiled, will not show up. The "bg.png" I can right click and view image and see it that way, but the image will not load that I can see on my user page.

Another thing is I used the code to remove the search bar from the top left, when I did that it removed part of my header image along with it and left a semicircle imprint in it's place (barely visible but it's there).

And finally, OMG! Can we please either lose the advertisements so I don't have to widen my pages EVERY time I look at them or make it an option to disable them so I dont have to expand the page?! That is by far THE most annoying thing about the new layout, other than those ugly dango things. I use AdBlock Plus, so I don't even see them to begin with, all I see is what appears to be a mis-aligned page and an empty space next to it.

[Update] I just changed the sidebar background color and the content background color and neither will show up on the user page. It still shows up in my CSS but can not get it to load on the user page itself.

And if I might make another suggestion while I'm here, when I look at my userpage there is a TON of links going on in the upper right hand corner, can we try to condense more of those into drop down menus? Get rid of some of them? The whole Line Where it says "Tag Me, Tags, Wallpapers, etc..." Could we not file those under a "Minitokyo" drop down menu and place them alongside the larger tabs? For instance on the main page it says "Minitokyo, Wallpapers, Indy Art, Scans" and right above that it says Wallpapers, Indy Art and Scans again...could we merge the two?

merged: 10-07-2009 ~ 06:21pm
Just checking to see if there's any word about this problem? I also can't seem to use my own broken skin to browse the site in. I selected my own name in the field and hit update at the bottom and it takes me to my notes page. It seems to save my entry but even after clearing the cache 6 times the site still appears default.

merged: 10-11-2009 ~ 04:20pm
So I guess I'm the only one having these problems?

merged: 10-11-2009 ~ 04:26pm

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