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I seek peace in my dreams.


Hi there guys! :D

XXXHolic group really hasn't been updated for an eternity aha~

Since Minitokyo completely transformed I thought it was really time to do something about it!
The other reason is the changes that happened in the series itself : Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle ended October 7th 2009...but it's sister series XXXHolic is still going on! XD XD
With a new subtitle, ? (translated as "Rou" = "Cage"), the curtain opens on a new xxxHOLiC world, which starts 4 years after Yuuko's disappearance!

Spoiler (show)

I believe you all know that Watanuki is now the new owner of the shop, never aging and 'prisoner' of the shop which he can't leave, waiting forever for Yuuko, and Doumeki is a college student.

There are many things to look forward to: first, all the TRC fandom expect to see at least some of the plot holes and unanswered questions in TRC to be revealed in Holic...the other thing is, of course, just where will all this lead Watanuki's fate!? There is also a new OAD to be released with Vol16 in the near future ^^

I hope you guys will make an effort and try being a bit more active from now on! Courage!

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