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My wallpaper " Reisen Udongein Inaba - Overdrive by Lyyn
Reisen Udongein Inaba - Overdrive by Lyyn " was deleted for an reason what i don't understand x_x

I received this list of reasons :

- It was too simplistic.

--> No, the first version, yeah. but, not the 2nd...

- The subject was too blurry or over-filtered.

--> My image isn't blurry, or over-filtered T_T

- It used screenshots or unmodified stock photos.

--> I has modified all images, and its not a screenshot..

- It was a low-effort wallpaper.

--> I took ~2h for the new version .. It's my first wallpaper.. But, he's not ugly oO

- It was an alternate version of an existing wallpaper. Please only upload one version of a wallpaper. If you wish to display alternate versions, you may post an offsite link.

--> I never found an "alternate version" of my wallpaper :x It's why i made my wall~

- It did not feature an anime-style image.

--> Reisen is "anime-style image" oO

(sorry if my english is bad.. ^^')

merged: 11-12-2009 ~ 07:22pm
Up :/ ... Can i reupload my wall, maybe ?

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