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Hi there, i got sometimes problems with downloading pictures:

Quote: 1st: On deleted Pictures, if you click then download, it tells you the picture is deleted, but it will remove you 1 free download quota

2nd: Some Pictures are broken, (not end with jpg) or sth else, that will remove you Credits without getting the picture

3rd: On reload download page, it will remove you again the credits, so if the browser crashes and restore the page, it can be that you loose some credits or you

A solution for problem 1:
check if the picture exist, if not, it wouldn't start to remove you the quota or the credits additional to the existing bug report.

A solution for problem 2:
A send "report button" on the top of the download page, which sends the page and the reason for the report to moderators, admins or someone which can fix this (set the status back)

To check what the user lost on credits, we need a table "removed quota":
There are saved username(ID), time, site and how much removed, so an moderator/operator can delete the entry and the system will automatically write the coins, quota back to the users account.

A solution for problem 3:
We need a database "free picture":
1st one saves the username(ID), time and the site of the downloaded picture, if the row is availible, it will return and don`t remove credits, the row can be deleted on:
- more then X user by picture entries, delete by ordering time
- more then X hours or sth like this, deleted by time > X hours

I hope that would help, there are onyl a tip from me you don' t have to do this in my way, i don' t know how your system works here, but i think it would help, if didn' t got another idea how to fix it.

Im looking forword for some fixes ;), i hate to loose credits so easily without an use for me.

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Deleted photos shouldn't be available for download... though sometimes there is a lag.

As for your solution for #2... there IS a report link here:

If the picture is broken somehow, just click that and tell us. (Additionally, you DO get 5 FDQ every hour...)

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At the deleted pictures, i mean if i store the page in the browser, if it is deleted, its in the browsers cache and i will klick on the pic to download it later, so it will remove me some credits or free quotas, to the #2, thx its ok there i think

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