The Art Thief Mijn Schatje stealing from BJD.

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I'm quite amazed how people dare to make money out of someone's hard job.

Apparently some young female decided that 'borrowing' someone's hard work is okey to make profits, no one would notice since she's from Europe and the original pictures are form Asia. It's soooo far, isn't it.
But someone noticed. Everything is explained on this page.

Is Mijn Schatje An Art Thief?

The 'artist's' name is Mijn Schatje (Marie Blanco Hendrickx), she's quite young but that doesn't explain insolence she's representing. Hers 'artworks' are plain trace of BJD pictures belonging to famous BJD companies and amazing artists like Audrey Kawasaki. (this one is epic...)

Many knows such cute, awesome, stunning, expensive XD things like Ball Jointed Dolls are. I would do everything to own one, they are stunning. And many are aware of hard work people put in making them. Outfit, make up, tools, it's a long list and lots of hard work...

Despite many proves she had guts to deny then admit and claims she got the permission (which is a lie again, read D.I.M statement) claimed that BJD companies supports her actions.

Well since such famous mangaka as Nitta Youka admitted and apologize to using other's arts as 'references' then I doubt some spoiled brat can get away with it. Still they ask to spear the word.

So I spread the word!



that's one hell of a strange coincidence lol

  • Dec 03, 2009

cOOl ^_^?.................

  • Dec 23, 2009


hahaha (>_<)


yes it so cool (>_<)

  • Dec 23, 2009

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