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Wanting to keep the previous thread I made of a certain issue seperate from this one because this isn't really so much a bug as it is just a simple category issue when writing a review. Also this is more suggestion than it is anything else

In this link, it goes to a manga review I wrote on I''s (Aizu) back a while ago. While looking over it I noticed the categories were a bit odd since it was a manga review.

1) The first header for section one says "Story and Playability".

Issue: Playability? I didn't know one could play a manga?

2) Header for section 2 says 'Graphics'.

Issue: I can see where graphics might fit, but it sounds like its a category title for when reviewing a video game versus a manga. Maybe it should be "Art", like in an Anime Series review.

3) The entire 'Sound' Section.

Issue: This should be a disabled section in manga reviews. We shouldn't even have the ability to write in that box, let alone display that the section exists.

4) Final section title says "Fun".

Issue: Too vague, if you're splitting into sections shouldn't it be more specific like the other 3 sections are?

Overall I appreciate having the ability to write reviews has its given me something to do at MT since I'm not very good with Photoshop or GIMP or any other image related programs. However I think the review area as a whole needs to be revamped to supply the critic/reviewer a better ability to review. I will say that I understand that MT is mainly an image site for anything image-related, but I like reviewing and making it better could help extend MT's abilities.

I thank you MT staff for all the hard work and I also thank you for at least reading this through!

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