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anime marathon!


Hey clamp fans! Clamp-a-Holic is now back and alive again with loads of suprises and actvities!
Yamibou-eve and I will be one of those people who will stick with you and keep this group alive, and it's all thanks to norine for giving us the chance to do it!

Our group site has now become cuter, thanks to Yamibou-eve's layout! ( Yea you rock!)

So, what surprises do we have for you?
1. Wallpaper voting poll ( Yay!)
We will have the ever popular voting poll just like other groups. BUT BUT BUT! there is a twist! Non-elite wallpapers will also be included in the choices which means ALL submissions in a month will get to have a participation! This is to be fair to all members!

2.Backtrack poll anyone?
Since our group has just been reborn, past submissions have been somewhat neglected so we will first have a Backtrack poll!
So what is there? Past submissions in January and February of 2010 be your candidates. we will first tally down the walls and made a future announcement within this month with its mechanics of voting.

3. Featured wallpaper
Featured wallpapers of the site will depend on the voting poll, Top 3 walls( it depends on the number of winners ) will be featured until the next month!

4. More to come!
These are just some of the ideas that I have thought and we might or might not push these through ( we hope we could )
4.1. clamp news letter
- These will include the latest news about clamp's anime and artwork and anyone who has the latest news can contribute
4.2. Contest and games
- self explanatory hehe

Any suggestions and comments are highly appreciated! Thanks!

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