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..waitin in the bushes for her..


Edited for content and swearing by fireflywishes.

Okay, so here's the DL on me..
i am being intimate with the teachers kid.. and she knows, that we at least kiss
i gotta facebook that i use to place all my favorite quotes from songs on
'nd the teacher is my friend on there

so this song Sickology 101 - Tech N9ne
i recommend that song to everyone and anyone with good taste.. it's a great song
has these lyrics in 'em

"never be dick riding if your going to be biting your igniting the beast"

so im here thinkin' "yeah that's tight, good lyrics, indeed a favorite" so i post it
she gets all pfft to the guy about how i am calling her a Beast about me biting his neck or something..
i was too busy in laughter to fully listen to him telling me this
now honestly, i don't give a *censored* what she thinks because ya know, it wasn't pointed towards her
it was actually pointing in the direction of Tech N9ne hahahahahaha (don't get it do you people -.-)

now the boy is like "you need to clear your name because i tried to tell her but she didn't listen and blah blah blah blah" so i finally get to apologizing for her feeling that way

and she drops it like blanket infected with small pocks (sp?) she said "I am not gonna talk to you about what i was telling my son" or something like that.. i was actually thinking in my head about how i wanted to go chill with him instead of be there

Now she's like all, hate hate..she's my teacher so i am like screwed (sorry administratiors.. had to say it.. and sorry if i cussed anywhere else i didn't notice.. i cuss so i kinda.. type how i talk n stuff)
everyday she eats my face for not doing my work 24/7 and she watches my computer more
(hopefully she isn't reading it now.. if you ARE reading this Miss.. you know.. then make a bird noise.. NOW)

okay she isn't here.. anywho, i try to suck up but it doesn't work.. she doesn't look at me or anything
we only talk when we have to, or when she finds something to get me in trouble @.@

so i decided i am getting a boyfriend so she wont be all pissed at me not dating her son and just like.. being intimate.. but i don't wanna stop being with him since he's.. idk.. different, and i want everything he has to offer

i am stuck! and i just could not go not saying it since i can't like.. say this to anyone except strangers on the internet... (wow im weird.. haha weird12u... get it?)




?Immortality Is Loneliness?


Lol. Wow ^^ I am SO happy i'm your friend.

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  • Mar 11, 2010

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