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Okay so.

Quote by Sumiregawa-kun,

The scan you have submitted (~Calling at Midnight~) was removed for one or more of the following reasons:
The scan you have submitted (~Jadeite's Energy Ball~) was removed for one or more of the following reasons:
The scan you have submitted (~Nephrite Reporting~) was removed for one or more of the following reasons:
The scan you have submitted (~Businessman Motoki~) was removed for one or more of the following reasons:

- The image was too small. Only scans with a clear subject of 1,000,000 pixels or more are accepted.
- The scan contains excessive artifacts. This includes, but is not limited to: page folds, dust, or text on the image.
- The image was enlarged. The majority of anime images found on the internet are not sufficient quality to be submitted at Minitokyo, please do not attempt to enlarge these images for submission.

If you still find the scan is of decent quality however, you can always submit it at Minitokyo's sister site: Zerochan.


Minitokyo Staff

This is an automated message and cannot be replied.

Additional information provided by the moderator:
Kayurachan and I (MadoshiKurefu) delete scans that show anime scences for scan quality.
So both scan moderators are on agreement with this decision. There is no need for you to ask us to restore them. Thank you for your understanding.

Inquiries can be made in the Deletion Complaints forum.

THIS makes 0 sense when THESE (~Sailor Moon and Luna - Battle Ready!~ & ~Sailor Venus Doubled~) were permitted to stay. If you're going to delete them, then delete them all. If not, restore them all. I'm really frankly a bit sick of minitokyo's wanton deletion of things that have been up for well over three years now. This happened to me once before on some wallpapers I'd created that were of good quality, but I didn't feel like going through the effort of arguing at the time. It really does not encourage me to go out of my way to post things here at ALL, which is sort of sad, as this is normally the only place I bother to do so, short of passing them out to friends.

Also, Kayurachan and MadoshiKurefu may wish to look up the word 'scenes' in the dictionary. It is not spelled like that.

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Restored. I've deleted these items together with some others when I misinterpreted the deletion of screencapture images (that's was weeks ago when I was a fresh mod) but restored the ones I have deleted wrongly and I must have missed these. I'm only human and can't be perfect but I can admit if I make a mistake. But English is my third language so I see no reason why I should be ashamed of misspelling a few words. Furthermore I was the one writing the additional information so no need to say Kayurachan should look up the word, too. I don't always choose the right words when I write an additional information and had more difficulties in the beginning (so mentioning another mod and saying no need to ask was crap of me) but you have asked for the return of your scans I have restored them so everything should be fine now.

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Sumiregawa-kun, as you might have noticed some rules have recently changed so your (and other members) submissions may not fit MT's current requirement. That's why members could have apparently 'weird' deletions. We have this forum for this matters and you've made a good use of it. I don't really see a point in your attitude to be honest: as Madoshi said, we're humans, and we can make mistakes.
Lastly, please forget my English too since it's not my first language (and I hope it's nto a problem for you).

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