FMA: Homunculus true form? [spoiler]

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be warned of spoilers!

i've finished watching FMA brotherhood until the current episode.. and i was kind of wondering..

the homunculus envy and pride have another form that is cute and funny..

envy is a mushi (bug) with 6 legs
pride is a miniature baby

if they were to show all humunculus true form, what are your guesses?
i dunno about the others, but i really want to know gluttony and lust true form..
my guess is that gluttony's form will be a gate or a door (since envy said he is a failed gate)
lust's form would be something cute like a flower (mainly coz' she's a girl)
except for wrath, since he is actually human to begin with..

tell me your guess..



gluttony's true form WAS shown in the manga.
he was that thing that swallowed up ed, ling, and envy, remember?

it was when his stomach opened and the ribs extended forming teeth. he was triggered by hearing roy's name.

poor ranfan TT_TT

wait. or was that his rage-triggered-extra-powerful form?

gluttony could be.... a slice of ham. XD idk.

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