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Quote: Astara,
The scan you have submitted (QB-May-Jun-2010) was removed for the following reason:
- It is identical to another scan in the gallery. Your version is smaller or lower quality than the existing version.
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Could deletions give the image that this one was identical to that was higher res?

This image was:
9860 x 7886 @ 14.4mb.

I cannot find any similar image even close to that size, and the only other two images that are similar:

QB-02 (6295x3968)

Forest Fighters


are smaller and of lower quality, yet they are retained in the DB.

Could someone explain why my image was deleted yet these two smaller images remain, and which image (presumably neither of the above two), is higher resolution or quality than the one I submitted?

merged: 04-26-2010 ~ 08:53am
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Once again: I have a real life. I don't live in MT. I can't answer in a couple of minutes to your many complaints.
Then. Your QB scan was deleted for being incomplete in comparison to Ghandy's. As you can see, Tomoe and Claudette are cut-off in your scan. You can scan it even bigger but it will be deleted again.
And this time I won't forgive your attitude. You just had to wait for my answer before posting your scan once again.

!Death to J-Rock scans! >.<
What is Kayurachan doing? Just see it on my userpage :3
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