The Good Witch of the West

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I have some questions: perhaps someone can answer me those who has watched it or read something...

Has the Manga any differences to the Anime?
(Is it a good decision to buy it (Manga) or not?)

Will ther be a second season?

And who was queen? Adel or Leandra?... This ending is open...

(And why does she has to go with Roux (Run) and not marry Eusis - he is much better and hotter then Run!) *sniff*

And now to the complicated things which I don't get!: Leandra and Adel are sisters or cousins? And they are also related to Firiel..? Riez is Firiels uncle - and he wants to marry her -so a pervert! ?

Adel and Eusis are not really brother and sister?

OMG this is so complicated too much for my head to think ;P .....
But I Love this Anime! It's Great/Wonderful/Interesting - Awsome! ^-^

Perhaps someone knows the answers to my questions - that would be very appreciated! =)

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