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I Do not understand where my fixed scan is of lesser quality just because the Megabyte cound is less the origianl
Scan was clearly creased and had several holes in the middle of the picture the scanning dust was all over the bottom page and had such bad scanner noise thru out The pictrue it broke up the entire sky seeing the lines of different shades going thur it (that was not intened by the artist). So after reparing all this it can now be used as is for anything from desktops to someones own wall. To me having all these issues fixed would be enough to be superior to the very poor quality orginal scan even if the original is of a bigger megabyte count.
Sorry for the ignorance on my part I am just trying to understand so I don't waste your time or mine by uploading stuff that Mt does not want. I have fixed others that have stayed while some have not
and some of the ones I fixed were of smaller megabyte size than the orginal have stayed but they did have even larger gaps in the middle . while this one was smaller and only a crease with holes both original scans had major flaws so I just want to understand if the quality is based merely on megabyte size or actual visual quality or both and what is the measuring if it based on visual quality.

Thank you for your time in enlighting me with my lack of understanding on this situation not a big deal I just wanted to give back to the Mt community but these will still make a fine desktop for my own computer with whatever decsion youo make.

Quote by Sandman1,

The scan you have submitted (Spice & Wolf Morning Trip) was removed for the following reason:

- It is identical to (or lower quality than) an existing scan.

Please browse the image galleries prior to uploading images.


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It's not because of the megabyte size. It's because you take a scan where no part is missing and just smoothen some areas. If you for example repaint the missing parts/the middle of a scan in a good way then yours would be kept. Or if you repaint the parts where it's covered with text then both versions would stay. Some of your other scans were kept because you have submitted bigger (pixel size) textless good quality versions.

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Ok that makes since thanks for clearing this up

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