How do we best express our love after it's already too late...

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Random, but sorta relevant poem. I've been in love so much that my chest literally pained me and my breath got trapped in my lungs. I don't want to brag, so I'll shut up right there.

Do You Think Of Me?
by ~daikras

Do You Think Of Me?

Thoughts suffusing my mind with their difficult weight.
Unable to focus for fear of past mistakes.
Unwilling to act on my loneliness, my fate.
I've known what it feels like when your heart breaks.

Thoughts of things gained and lost over the long years.
Of how our lives were when there was nothing but me,
And her, and our tiny dreams hiding in our minds,
Buried, deep, dark recollections, dark and nasty.

I dare not to think about the past anymore,
'Cause it brings me to a purgatory of pain.
Emotional pain that I can only avoid.
I must, if I desire to keep myself sane.

These awful thoughts of the past, they rule my today
And they shadow every single step that I take.
And I can't help but wonder, do you think of me?
If you came back ... is that too much to put at stake?

What if we took a chance and put the past to rest?
Forgot all the words we spoke in anger, in hate.
Left behind the uncertainty of not knowing.
What if we decided it's best that we should mate?


what a good poem =]]]

  • Aug 01, 2010



ぬいぐるみ !


wow what a dark and intriguing poem. it's like you expressed your feelings nicely in one simple poem full of complex emotions. but I know how you feel, I've encountered some similar things in past adventures in my life.




Good ;D ..........

  • Aug 06, 2010

i tell the person straight out how i feel
its a last shot in the dark but if i dont take it i cant move on from that moment

  • Aug 15, 2010

Very beautiful,but I still don't really know how to deal with this.Must be hard..


fu--k love

  • Aug 31, 2010

Really...mate? Perhaps it would work if you and the unsaid person are in good terms...but whatever...

  • Sep 07, 2010

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