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The scan you have submitted (hellboy by terada) was removed for one or more of the following reasons:

- The image was too small. Only scans with a clear subject of 1,000,000 pixels or more are accepted.
- The scan contains excessive artifacts. This includes, but is not limited to: page folds, dust, or text on the image.
- The image was enlarged. The majority of anime images found on the internet are not sufficient quality to be submitted at Minitokyo, please do not attempt to enlarge these images for submission.

your explanation about the deletion is too evasive...

do you really the quality is to too bad?
i scanned myself this picture from the box of the box of a vunil statue, years ago and the original suffered from some srcaps...

I remasterized and resized it to remove some default .

I can understand you estimate hellboy is not a manga theme but the artist is a great and well knowed japan artist .
and the theme of the picture is coherent with japan demon or ghosts...


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I deleted your scan for being overfiltered. It looked so bad you could almost tell it's been upscaled, or something like that.
You're very very welcome to submit it again without much filtering. Screening (scanner's dots, I mean) is allowed and sometimes is even better than blurring.
Your first scans for the Dark Stalkers artbook were nice but you started using heavy filtering with your Devilman artbook...

Looking forward to see your new creation :)

!Death to J-Rock scans! >.<
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ok, i am a little disappointed about all useless work i did on devilman''s scans to remove printing dots to make images less "heavy".

for darkstalers i scanned in 300 dpi, but i was not happy for some pieces ( stripes ) so i scan at 600 dpi for the last ones, to filter or correct them, and then downsize them after .

I did the same for devilman but without resizing them, except the double page ...

I prefer dowsize them instead to have too much raw material

i'll try to post a "primitive scan" at 600 dpi to have your advice...

thanks for the advice.

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