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Crimson Butterfly


I need help~!

The other day I was browsing YouTube and came across this thing called "Kuroshitsuji Character Song", sooo I watched it and... Oh surprise~! It was Sebastian singing O.O! So of course, as a devoted Kuro fan I went all over the web searching for the names of this songs but.... couldn't find them >.>; So I need help~! Dx

If anyone knows the names of the songs or a site where I can find them (the names of the songs) then I'd be eternally grateful xD I'm not asking for a download link since I know it's against MT's rules, but if you do have one please PM me <3

Thank You~!


Ok =.=
So I continued my exaustive research on this topic and... found out I was deceived =.= So I'm posting this as some kind of warning for those incautious who might fall for it too =.=
The songs I was looking for didn't exist LOL Well they DO exist but they don't have any relation with Kuroshitsuji. Someone uploaded certain videos under the name "Sebastian Michaelis English Character Image Song", supposedly this songs are sung by Sebastian's seiyuu Ono Daisuke, but that's a LIE~! >O The truth is this songs are from a swedish band called KieTheVez. Some of the titles you'll find under this fake tag are: In Your Mind, Be Alone Together, Erina, Haven of Discontent, Today and House of Cards. I repeat, these aren't sung by Ono Daisuke. Althought the voice is similar to Ono's it's not the same person, so people don't be fooled like me and waste 3 hours of your life looking for them =.=

The only Kuroshitsuji OST that is out there (I think o.o;) is the one called: "Kuroshitsuji Sound Complete Black Box". That's the only OFFICIAL soundtrack.

So yeah, you've been warned =.=

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  • Aug 28, 2010

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