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Ok, I was browsing MT today (as usual,lol) and noticed that no one has yet posted a thread where you can share your favourites amvs with other people. So... I decided to post this one xD

Ok, the point here is to post your favourite AMVs, also give a little description of what it is about or the name of the anime it is based on. You can post as many as you want just don't spam pl0x x_x This is for other people to get to know your favourite anime or maybe because the song used in it was really cool, or whatever the reason xD
Just please try not to post any AMVs that infrige any Copyright laws, because we don't want this thread to be closed, right?
Also if you're the mastermind behind any of the AMVs posted in this thread, let us know and share with us how did you made it and what inspired you to do so xD

Ok, so now I shall start xD
The first one is a Kuroshitsuji one. CielxSebastian to be more specific. The reason why I fell in love with this AMV was because the song used in it gives the pictures some kind of erotic and forbidden feeling that's hard to resist xD Anyways enjoy~!
:.WARNING.: If you don't like Yaoi then don't watch this.
Song: Lullaby
Artist: Hypnogaja

The second one is based of one of my favourites animes from all time, Ghost Hunt. This one is really awesome since the person who made it, made it in such way that the characters seem to be actually singing the song xD Also for an anime such as Ghosthunt I think the song he chose fits it perfectly. Enjoy~!
Song: Haunt You Everyday
Artist: Weezer

Ok, third one~! This one is based on the anime Vampire Knight, one of my favourites as well <3 I liked it because the song fits perfectly the situation Yuuki and Zero are in. Also I can perfectly picture Zero singing this xD Hope you enjoy it~!
Song: Desert Rose
Artist: Abingdon Boys School

OK, that's it for now, I'll post more later (if this thread doesn't get closed ^^;) So people start sharing as well~! xD

merged: 09-14-2010 ~ 11:08pm
I'm back with more AMVs~! xD This time both of them are from the Eyeshield 21 series, one of my fav mangas ever~!
Ok, the first one features Kobayakawa Sena who is the Ace of the Deimon Devilbats. I liked the song this person used because it gives the video a feeling of power and adrenaline. Enjoy~!

Song: Open Your Eyes
Artist: sum41

Ok, next one~! This one is simply awesome xD It features the match between the Shinryuuji Nagas (also known for being the strongest team in the Kantou area) versus the favourites Deimon Devilbats. This one uses a sum41 song too and in my opinion it was a wise choice because the feeling you get from the whole thing is overwhelming xD Anyways, enjoy~!

Song: Over My Head
Artist: sum41

"We don't have time to waste asking for the things we don't have. We can only look for the best way to fight with the things we have. For our whole life."


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