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I was wondering what games people are in the middle of playing/regularly play.

In terms of games I'm in the middle of playing, right now I'm about 25 hours into Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox360, halfway through the Megaman Zero collection for the DS, and (embarrassingly) still have to complete the last 2 stages in Ocarina of Time for the Wii Virtual Console.

I also have a long queue of other games that I've got to get around to playing:
Xbox360: Star Ocean: The Last Hope, finishing my 2nd Tales of Vesperia playthrough on hard mode.
Wii: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, and Sin and Punishment
DS: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
GBA: Golden Sun (to see if I should get the new one that just came out for the DS) and Final Fantasy Tactics

As for games that I regularly play, I'm currently playing Super Street Fighter 4 and Starcraft II.

I'm pretty sure my "Playing/To play" list of games is probably larger than most people's but I'm curious to know what you all are currently playing.

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