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Me and my brother have been fighting about it alot lately... If Athrun and Cagalli are a good couple and if they are going to stick together.
I said that they of course they love each which it true of course...and my brother says that it is Athrun X Lacus all the way but that it simply not true...manly because Lacus is inlove with Kira and they are so perfact together...also Athrun And Cagalli are inlove to and nothing can eally change that can it. Also they is matter of Mayrin, which she isn't that big of a deal because Athrun is a kind and Genarouse person that he would never want to brake cagallis heart...and he would totally brake that down to mayrin sooner or later. Also my brother says that they meet fighting each other and what happens if they get into a fight (which i highly doubt it would happen again) becuase they were in a fight befor and they never pulled the triger at each other, true. And he thinks that would happen to them. But It just Simply isn't true...

Just tell me what your theory is.

As for me I love Cagalli and Athrun together I know that they love each other very much even Athrun Promissed that he would protect her so yeah.

CAGALLI X ATHRUN FTW <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Dec 20, 2010


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I agree that athrun and cagalli are a way better pair than athrun and lacus. athrun and lacus just seem like they're better off as friends but you can really tell how much athrun and cagalli care for eachother. not to mention i think kira and lacus are a perfect pair :)

  • Dec 22, 2010

i totally agree kazuki-shikimori... but my brother dosn't see it that way... it would be pretty wierd if athrun and lacus where together and as for hexagram666 that is spam dude but suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppp dddddooooooowwwwwwwwggggggg

  • Dec 30, 2010



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I like both (athrun x lacus & athrun x cagalli) Although im more athrun x lacus fan..but athrun x cagalli is more real since they ended up together or at least they did but I wish if he and lacus were a couple the two are cuties..but I love them both..

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