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Does you ever try to listen to Characters Songs of KHR(Katekyo Hitman Reborn)?
Those songs are awesome :D
Examples :
Hitotsu Dake (by Sawada Tsunayoshi)
No Control (by Irie Shoichi)
Oretachi no Joy! (by Gokudera Hayato and Yamamoto Takeshi)
Sakura Addiction (by Mukuro Rokudo and Hibari Kyoya)
Horizon (by Hibari Kyoya)
Mirai no Oozora e (by Vongola Family)
and some more ...
*sorry for posting in a wrong place...I am still a newbie...*

Keigo will always be here for you

  • Dec 23, 2010

Yes we do listen to this song, the KHR community IS alive kufufufufu
Obviously my favorite character song is Kufufu No Fu, sung by Rokudo Mukuro's seiyuu ?


  • Jan 22, 2011



mein Herz, mein Verderben


Hokori Takaki Fundo by Xanxus... I love the chorus singing "XANXUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS!

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Sakura Addiction is my favorite KHR song...cuz it is sung by two of my favorite characters...Hibari and Mukuro FTW! :D


Cool :D Everyone here loves KHR character songs X)

Keigo will always be here for you

  • Jan 31, 2011

Hmm I think my fav has to be Squalo's character song. Gotta love that yell~

  • Feb 02, 2011

i listen to Horizon (by Hibari Kyoya)

  • Feb 12, 2011


Yuzuki Sano


I've got all of them on my PSP, but I think the best one is Hibari's song - Hitori Boccino Inochi (or something like that, I saw various versions of writing this title in romaji). Also, Sakura Addiction is great :d Hmmm... Hibari's voice is the sexiest :p But anyway I like all songs from KHR ^^.


i love kyouya's voice XD

  • Feb 21, 2011

Gokudera- Yell! =D He sing's soo well! =3

  • Mar 25, 2011

I love Viper's song <3 cute vocals
and of course sakura addiction


Sakura Addiction!
My love Hibari

  • Apr 02, 2011

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