Mars Wallpaper, "String of Lights"

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inexplicably green


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Full version: String of Lights

I... don't really know. I had always planned to just do the vector, do the slight coloring (like I have already) and then, perhaps, add some text and submit it. But the more I look at it, the more it's really calling to be given something more, you know? It doesn't really satisfy me when it's simple like this. So I'm really wondering what you think about it's current state? I have tried a truck load of textures with little to no success. I'm really in love with this scan, so I'm trying to do it justice. I'm not really looking to do something scenic, but what are YOUR thoughts? I might re-color the hair, depending on what I end up doing with this wall. UGH. I wanted to finish this tonight, but I don't want to rush this if it will ruin the work I've put into this. And, you know, I really want to keep the theme of Kira and Rei intact - I'm going for what the scan really shows: Rei and Kira, who had both been through more than their fair share, finding peace and acceptance in one another. Sooooo?

Thanks in advanced, wallers!

- Kuru.

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