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The Destiny Warrior


WN: Before making this thread I've read the 'Terms of Service' and if I have misinterpreted/broken the rules in any way please lock the thread asap and pm to let me know. I do not mean to violate them on purpose. Also if I have posted this in the wrong section - please move it to the appropriate section. Thanks.

I have been in a long debate with myself whether I should ask the talented artists on Minitokyo to help draw a few characters that I have put a lot of effort into creating for a project I’ve been doing. To be honest I’m not really good at drawing nor am I good at digital art. I can only draw how my characters look, which basically mean the face and hair. Nothing else. (I do plan to practice drawing the figure and poses when I have spare time and not juggling between so many things at once at the moment.)

Here’s a little preview of what my current project should be like or similar to it:

My request to the many artists on Minitokyo is to draw a full body or posing drawing of my main male and female character – I would love to see my characters come to "life" and it might just be the inspiration for me to work even harder on this project.

Here's the main male character: - (These are my own drawings)

[Coming soon]

I have written Akira's character description up, pm me if you're interested. I'm working on Naya's picture and description. Will be ready shortly.

To finish off, if you are interested here are a list of requirements for the drawings:

1) Please draw the characters to your own style or how you interpret the descriptions.
2) Make sure you put a signature on your drawing - preferably somewhere near the character or even better; watermark it. Its for your own protection.
3) No pornographic, gore or bad violence. It's against the MT "Term of Service".
(That's all I can think of for now)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks for your time,


  • Jan 08, 2011

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