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Quote: domamaypa,

The artwork/doujinshi you have submitted ([url=][/url]) was removed for the following reason:

- It was taken, in whole or in part, from another website with little to no modification. You may only submit artwork that you have created entirely by yourself.

Repeated violation of this policy will lead to suspension of your upload privileges.


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This is an automated message and cannot be replied.

Inquiries can be made in the Deletion Complaints forum.

Umm... of course it's not. That's why I uploaded it in scans and said it's not my scan. Sloppy hypocritical moderators.


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It's Never Lupus!


There is certainly no need to be rude. It has been deleted 2 times before this for that same reason. I am sure the moderator who deleted your piece has a very good reason for doing so.

sheq's neenja mod


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We only allow scanned images, official wallpapers, official game cg rips. And cg art if it's published for example in a cd with an artbook but that's very rare. These Goto-P cg images were deleted before because they are considered as ripped art since they are not official/published. If you ever find a scanned version of these you can submit them.

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