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How many of you have a Guild Launch account or play MMOs like WoW, Rift, etc? I am not sure if this is allowed or not, if not I do apologize. Currently there is a contest going on that is sponsored by Guild Launch and Trion Worlds (Rift). Guilds are competing to see who can get the most votes. The guild that wins gets 1yr 50 slot Vent and 1yr Subscription to Guild Launch along with 2 collector's edition of Rift. For voters, you have a chance to win a $3,000 computer and a copy of the game Rift. You can vote daily to support the guild you wish to win.

My guild, the Nacho Cheese Clan, is doing this to try and win a copy of the game for our Guild Master as he currently is unable to afford the game. Currently, we are falling behind as we do not have enough votes and we entered the contest a few days late and the other guilds have a bit of a headstart on us. We really want to win this so our Guild Master can join us, however, we need lots of votes yet. The guild we need to beat has 63 votes last I checked. We currently have 28.

Our guild website is:

To vote it is:

Again, I apologize if this is not allowed but we would really appreciate the help and votes if anyone would support us in this :) I haven't done the most within this community due to a busy life, but I still follow it every now and again as I always appreciate the artwork in the wallies I find here. I go nowhere else for my wallpapers, in which case I am hoping at least some of you will help us!

-A loyal Nacho Cheese member



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While we understand the desire to rally support, this is the wrong website to do it on.

This topic itself has nothing to do with Minitokyo in any way, shape or form and is simply for the benefit of your guild.

I'm recommending asking in the Shout box next time before posting, or PM'ing someone to inquire about it.


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  • Mar 06, 2011

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