Request: Any manga with smart male lead and strong female

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SA & Kaichou wa maid sama! are good ones. help me please...only those mangas with good graphics...


  • Mar 15, 2011

code geass

thats all i knpw fo now

  • Mar 16, 2011

Detective Conan/Case Closed definitely. Main guy is a detective shrunk into a six-year-old's body, main female is a karate champion.

Clover, in a way (main girl is the most powerful weapon ever born, main guy is in charge of evading her captors). MPD Psycho, in another, very different way (can't say anything or I'll spoil the plot). Monster and 20th Century Boys, in other very different ways (Nina is more gifted than smart compassionate Tenma, Kanna is the most powerful out of the main cast in 20th against very normal guy Kenji and co.)

"Also, Russia liked America in the same way that little boys liked the ants they burnt on the sidewalks in the summer. Only with a little more pizzazz, and outer space." (or "why do they call this war cold, baby, when it's so hot between us?" xD. America/Russia in a nutshell)

"Is there just something in the water over here, that makes you guys every so often go 'fuck it, let's have a rumble?'. I'm not touching another one of your big, European, 'bring your friends' wars, like you're throwing a neighborhood potluck or something. It's not my job to ride in like the fucking cavalry every time you get into a jam." (America's thoughts on Europe, after the "well, that was pretty pointless" fiesta of WW1. From "The Chosen End")

  • Mar 17, 2011



eXceed Master


u mean? good looking female and good looking male with good personality?

I think Unbalance x Unbalance is good.

Ready to shootout! eXceed!
-Rain Lindwurm-

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