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Well, basically I love minimalistic wallpapers, but even I think this is extremely barren. Any ideas? I can't think of anything at all.


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I'd add a whirlpool where her feet touch the invisible water, give it a starry night/forest themed background and maybe give her a chair to sit on. Hopefully that gives you some ideas, I'll post more if I think up any.

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I think you can make it a scenic BG. Like make a forest bg... if you can vector them it's better but if not, try using some stock photos but make sure it is of high quality.
Make the water blue unless you want a bloody red pool then make it red.

Please upload your work at imageshack since we can't comment about the quality of your work.

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perhaps add some red splash effects, just to give it more detail and touch.



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like srsn said, a scenic BG would make a very nice touch for this wall... especially since she is sitting...

but since you like minimalistic walls, i suggest you can do an abstract design with it. let's say: you make a line to make her appear she's sitting there and maybe you can add some additional curved lines for the water-like thing her feet is associated with, then you can add some floral designs or whatever...

I suggest you use a different shade of white for the BG since its too plain... just to give it a little life...

I can't find an exact wallpaper of what I'm trying to say (I would love to make one for you, but I don't really have the time!) so I suggest you so an abstract design, if you don't have an idea of abstract designs, here are my examples:

Now at least you have an idea of what abstract design I'm saying (hopefully!)
Hope I helped! ^^

Thanks a bunch for the sugguestioms guys! I think I'll Know what to do now

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