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Categories in Contest? (Read post and all options first)

7 votes
Everything, minus the Fanart
1 votes
Wallpapers and Fanart are hard. *whines* Everything else.
3 votes
Everything, minus the Siggys, Avatars and AMV.
2 votes
Admins, chu make the layout urself >P. Everything else (D: noes)
1 votes
Got another idea, actually. (Comment in the thread please! :) )
0 votes

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Hi guys! So, we at AFU are running with the idea of having a Graphics Contest.
As you probably already know from Aiira-bossu's thread. ;)

Now, we have a question or two for everyone in AFU!

Which graphics categories will you like to see in the contest?

This also depends on which category will be popular among the participants. So consider that a little too. ;)

For the poll; 'Everything' means:

- Wallpapers,
- FanArt (includes doujin and vectors),
- Group Banners,
- Group Icons,
- Group Buttons,
- AMVs,
- Signature images,
- Avatars,

- Group Layout.

Yes, we are advocating layouts much. :P

Please vote in the poll~
You may have different opinions, so please comment in the thread too!


P.S. In retrospect, to clarify xD;
Icons are for the browser tabs. Buttons are the tiny banners that show up in the 'Groups' section on your userpage. :3
Rules for buttons: "The button you can additionally upload must be a GIF file, 88x31 in dimensions, and at most 30kB in size"

Tip for icons: 20x20 size is about the max. :) Also since this is such a small image, I propose merging the categories, icons and buttons together xD.

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Y'know , it's a bit ironic.

We said that we want to specify things a little and we somehow ended up choosing the almighty "Everything" XD
Anyways , I have a rather poorly made AMV to throw into the show :P Well , I've only used WMM ( Windows Movie Maker ) for it so it'll probably be pretty bad , not to mention it's my first attempt T_T

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OK , I voted for everything except layouts .. I can't make layouts , nor AMVs .. But I think it'll be OK with other people , right ?

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LOL the ever dependable EVERYTHING! Nyaaaa :3
I voted for that since I think it'll be a fair category for all hehe...BUT I'm also cool with the avys, sigys and AMVs only (though I don't whine about wallies and indy arts being hard! haha I love 'em!)

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