Ghost Hunt: Dubbed or Subbed?

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Now before anyone spouts around which one is their preference based on their biased views of anime in general, I'd like to reassert that I'm only trying to ask which would be better and more suited regarding the actual content of the series Ghost Hunt: Dubbed or Subbed.

I've heard good news for both (apparently either dub or sub is good for this series), now the thing I'm asking is which one is more appropriate than the other. I'm referring to the atmosphere or the specific influence of culture on the series itself. Basically I want to know if this series is much more suited for a Japanese or English dubbing based on the context of the story. Do they make Japanese references? Or is it simplified enough that watching it in English won't be so bad? Are there things in the dialogue that makes it unique only to the Japanese version and is completely removed in English? Things like these I want to know.

Like for me, I like to watch the anime Trigun in English because it's very much influenced and contains lots of Western elements. Or say another example is xxxHolic, which I prefer to watch in Japanese with subs because in-context of the dialogue and the folklore/setting, it makes more sense. Another one is Fullmetal Alchemist, which I prefer in English as the story revolves around Western-based military and even the concept of alchemy itself and the style they used it.

It's as simple as that, I just want to know which is better (dubbed or subbed) when considering the context of the Ghost Hunt anime as I don't mind either since I've heard they're both good (unless you tell me otherwise in an intelligent and unbiased manner).

  • Jul 12, 2011

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