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Clannad Wallpaper
Original Vector

I honestly think I did a good job on this, but apparently it doesn't match MiniTokyo's standards.
The background is a stock image, but a lot of changes have been made to it, like changing the perspective to match the angle that the characters are on, some blurring on the buildings, and a bit less on the trees.

On the foreground image I used some light smudging effects and a bit of a blur behind the characters.
After doing different things with the characters, and got the look u wanted, i made another layer with different colors on top of each character, and set the blending mode to soft light and played with the opacity.

I added some lighting, and very faint shadows of the characters. I also added a gradient map to even out the color tone between the characters and the background.

The Clannad logo was made from scratch.. unfortunately... and lining everything up properly was a pain. I had to make everything a bit thinner to make it look right, and use a.... calculator.. and grid lines to make sure it was all places properly.

Anyways, I'm open to any ideas, and will try my hardest to improve on this. Hopefully I can get this up to MiniTokyo standards.





From what I see with the Wallpaper and the Vector you pretty made a drastic change to the vector.
Also, the light surrounding each character is kind of weird. You should probably remove the soft light option and the opacity.

The stock image was good, but you made them two different things, the background with Kyou and Nagisa were two different things making it seem like the two characters weren't part of the same wallpaper.

You can also probably lower down the opacity on Nagisa, she seem so pale than her original skin color.

Hope I helped even just a little :D

CHERISH yesterday
DREAM tomorrow
LIVE today

I also think the vector changes were good but agree also that Nagisa's skin is too pale XD
The wally is good overall and I actually don't think the BG is bad, but maybe to help them blend together find a less realistic BG. I personally prefer the realistic one and also prefer the glowing, but if it gets the wally delted then yeah, find a more cartoony BG and remove the glowing and instead replace with lighting effects (like from sunlight.)

Whatever you do I'm sure it'll be great :D Have fun with it~

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