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So I made these two wallpapers, and they did take quite a while and for some reason whenever I upload any of my work on here it ends up looking fuzzy and just messed up. But also I'm not even sure if they are good enough?

advice please?





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Firstly, would you mind posting those two wallpapers as thumbnails instead, they're very big on my screen- try using imageshack.

Secondly, my critique on the wallpaper- Miku looks great- however, the background doesn't do her justice. It's far too simple and uninteresting. Since you have the day/night theme going for both walls, I suggest finding some similar things for the background- more definitive, better quality clouds, blue skies, etc, for the daylight one + a better diversity of stars for the nighttime one. The stars for the second wallpaper are are placed too mechanically (not sporadic/naturally like real stars). Also, the addition of planets, galaxies, or other space related visuals would make this more interesting, but be careful not to make the background too busy, keep a good balance- keeping the focus on Miku is important.

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alright, thanks, actually I was going for simple. I don't like things over-exaggerating and it took me a long time go make those clouds. and I thought they looked really nice on my computer but since they are uninteresting I won't bother putting anything else up.
thanks for your critique



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My critique for 1st: I know how hard to make clouds in ps when you didn't use brushes for it. In my opinion, if ya visit www.brusheezy.com, you will able to find usable cloud brushes and it will take only five mins to make nice looking clouds. If you don't make too much clouds-in yours they are so many- and leave a little space for miku to be in, Miku will be more attractive. And try to change atmosphere. Sunset will be cooler. Eh, that's my idea anyways :)

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