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A Genius No Rule Can Contain!


It seems to me, that the Pokemon fad isn't necessarily dying as much as it is kept alive by those who love it. Fan's who love the creatures, the characters, the lessons, and the lore. But the main factor is that Pokemon is about the Pokemon, duh!

With over 630 species discovered so far (or at least to Professor Samuel Oak's knowledge), they are all know for wide varieties of looks, mannerisms, and user charm. My question to you is this: Who, by far, without a shadow of a doubt, is your favorite Pokemon and why?

For me, Milotic is the tops. A Pokemon that requires time (or training depending how you want to look at it) is a definite sign of a powerful, competent, and skilled trainer. But aside from the difficulty of obtaining such a creature, it's charm is what also gets to me. It is known as the most beautiful Pokemon, able to calm the most furious of storms in nature and human behavior. Owned not just but the flamboyant water gym leader, Wallace, but as well as the Sinnoh region's champion, Cynthia. I value grace and speed in battle, as well as a good defense, which in my book, is the best offense.

So who rules your team? I can't wait to find out.

"A thief is a creative artist who takes his prey in style, but a detective is nothing more than a critic who follows in our footsteps." -The Phantom Thief Kid

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