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why you guys delete those cover scans of vol 3 and 5 ?

cover vol 3 by LA1431995
cover vol 3 by LA1431995 and cover vol 5 by LA1431995
cover vol 5 by LA1431995



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They looked decent in the thumbnails, but when I gave them a closer look, I saw a bunch of JPEG or 'compression' artifacts.

Compression artifacts are a noticeable lowering/distortion of quality. For instance, if I have a very heavy graphics scan that's around 4mb and I want to make the file size lighter, I would compress it so it'll be 1MB, or lower. If I do it just right, the image is the same dimension, but smaller in size - and has the same sharp quality. If it's compressed too much, artifacts appear and distort the quality, making it undesirable for many.

Here's a picture example of what I mean: [here] (the left image is low in quality, but the right is how crisp it should look.)

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What solemnserpent says, its poor quality due to jpeg artifacts.


I find it hard to recognize all of that...

btw, thanks

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