I need an explanation for the ending of Clannad. (spoilers)

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I love watching romantic shows but i'm easy to get depress when it has sad ending ( don't laugh ^^). I really want to watch this show but i heard it's kinda sad. I watched the last episode and i don't get it :D. The guy was crying and then somehow he met the girl and the girl said "not to regret that they have met" and then i saw the guy was with the girl, who is giving birth!. i don't get it. How's the ending of this show? Is it a sad or happy ? Why did the girl die before and now at the end she did not? i'm confuse. Give me a long summary :D

Well think of it as a dream. Tomoya was thinking about how his life could be if he lost Nagisa to child birth. I not gonna lie as say it not sad and that I didn't cry but once you get to final episode everything will make sense and make you feel better. Tomoya had a hard life, his father was a drunk, his mother died, was on his own alot because he's father didn't care anymore and couldv'e lost his wife. When he said "not to regret that they have met" he was most likely referring to the he once thought she probably could've had a better life if they didn't met because Nagisa was always sick. And due to that she could probably handle child birth and Tomoya didn't have to deal with death of his wife. So all in all the series toward the end looks like it's gonna be a depressing end but then does a 360. I hope that kinda helped. I gave it my best.


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One thing needs to be established right away.

Clannad is a drama first, and a romance second.

The story is very drama heavy. It will tug at your heart and it will put you in a dire situation. There's a nice balance of comedy and honesty the show is rather well done too, so it's not tugging at your heart just to do so.

In terms of if you'll be happy or not, it really depends on who you want Tomoya to end up with. The nice thing, is the show offers alternative characters and possibilities with them for both seasons, although they only devote one episode per character, it's still nice.

Just don't follow Tomoyo x Tomoya. You want to talk about a sad ending, my gosh. Most depressing thing I have ever read. I wanted to find out more after the show ended and read the manga and wow. No.

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