Sawagejo Cho VS Kujiranami Hyogo or Genbu (Su-shin)

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I estimate Yahiko during the Jinchuu arc to have surpassed Kamiya Kaoru after Yahiko learned the succession techniques of the Kamiya Kasshin style. But I Yahiko is still weaker compared to the minor villains of earlier arcs, such as Isurugi Raijuta or Udo Jin-e. Henya the Juppongatana member that Yahiko fought wasn't even a swordsman.

Now, after the Sishio arc, Cho joined the police force with Saito. What if, Cho fought Kujiranami Hyogo before the latter could have destroyed the police head quarters. Who would have won in a fight to the death? But have Cho still have his Hakujin no Tachi (Thin-Bladed Sword) with him during the fight.

Second one, if Saito brought Cho with him and Yahiko stayed on the sidelines during the fight on the shore of Enishi's island. The Su-shin that would have fought Yahiko, Genbu, would instead fight Cho. Who would have won?

  • May 29, 2012

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