Hajime Saito VS Seta Sojiro

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Let's just say, Saito fought Sojiro instead of Usui.

Saito fought evenly with Battousai in the Kamiya Kashin home. But this was before Kenshin learned the Hiten Mitsurugi succession techniques of the Amakeru Ryu Hirameki and the Nine Headed Dragon attack.

Sojiro is faster than Kenshin but was nearly even with him.

This Sojiro won't be holding back or be confused as he was with Kenshin.

Fight to the death, who wins?

  • Jun 15, 2012

Sojiro would win. Saito's techniques depend on striking first, but Sojirou's speed is greater and since he'd demonstrated he can go from 0 to effin faster than your eyes in less time than it would take Saito to move a foot Sojiro would win without question.

Also remember that Kenshin is just as fast as Sojiro but his ability to fight his enemy depends on his own emotional being and how well he's able to read his opponent and react to it. Saito knew this and was able to use it by hurting Kenshin's friends to get Kenshin emotionally off balance and lower his ability to read the opponent. Sojiro upto that fight showed no emotion and no instability. It was kenshin fighting to protect people from harm that threw him off balance because no one ever cared for Sojiro not even Makoto shishio thus it threw him off balance that Kenshin would rather not kill him when everyone else he knew would do so without a second thought. It was Kenshin's care for others that was what reawakened the child in Sojiro that wanted to be loved and not hated as he was.

In that same fight but with Saito as the opponent the emotional trauma sustained would've remained burried and as such Saito wouldn't have that as an advantage for the fight. Sojiro as such would've killed Saito without a second thought and gone on to lose even more of his humanity. However Kenshin who was Sojiro's age when he first was confronted with the violence of war and became a killer reminds Sojiro too much of the past he was trying to forget and the love he never received and the little boy in Sojiro that was traumatized by the hate and attempted murder wanted very much to have that love that he never got. Hence the whole 'why didn't anyone come and save me when they tried to kill me' bit that finally in the fight with Kenshin became Sojiro's downfall. If not for the trauma then even Kenshin would've lost ultimate technique or not. What doesn't hit can't hurt Sojiro after all.

But as said in a fight with Saito taking their respective style of combat into mind is enough to see that Saito's straight jabs at high speed would fail against Sojiro's Tenken speed.

  • Aug 28, 2012

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