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Since Sheqel gave me the permission, this is the topic with a list of bugs that need to be fixed and for wich there is a topic yet! :) (from the oldest to the newest one)

- cannot upload other resolution (wallpaper gallery) >>> topic is here
- a problem with the friendlist (?) >>> topic is here
- "page number to high" error in scan's section >>> topic here sheqel: not a bug
- problem in using an "apostrophe" in password >>> topic is here
- problem with "scan upload" >>> topic is here
- problem with "forum activity" in the homepage >>> after the "big bug" of some weeks ago, in the homepage the forum activities aren't showed anymore

- problems in adding an anime in the watchlist (it seems it was fixed at the end, but it happend to different members in last mounths) >>> topics: here and here

- "EDIT" BUTTON on WALLPAPERs' COMMENTS: when you click on "EDIT" the whole text disappears, and you can't edit anything.
>>> SOLUTION: just opening the "edit" in a new tab, and it will work! (copy/paste from misasasekage post)

- "EDIT STYLE" button on your userpage: you can't use it
>>> SOLUTION: it's probably due to css/html coding error you can edit your profile using css coding by visiting the hover over and drop down of your name and profile css or visit this link if you can't catch the code you'll be able to at least clear out the whole entire thing and begin again. hope this helps (copy/paste from angelxuaan post)

- NOTES reported, but there aren't any
>>> SOLUTION: wait until you really get a note (that is, until there is a visible note you can see) and then click on 'purge all'. It should fix the problem. (copy/paste from alenas post)

- CORRUPTED DOWNLOAD: you can't fully download a scan
>>> SOLUTION: The best advice I can offer is to refresh the image while loading. I've had to refresh several times to get an image to fully load. If, after refreshing, the image is still not loading past a certain point or doing anything else, please notify the staff. ( copy/paste from Cyanideblizzard post)

FAKE bugs >>> they aren't "real" bugs, but members open often threads about them:

Most of the times (99,999999999999999...9 %) your work didn't "disappeared", but it was DELETED! Check it out your "PM INBOX", you'll find a pm that notified you about the deletion of your work; after reading it CAREFULLY (expecially on the bottom part) you can open a thread in "DELETION APPEALS" section, but only after reading (again CAREFULLY!) this TOPIC!

Another reason can be this new rule on MT: Head Shot Wallpaper.

- ECCHI CONTENTs aren't showed
Check it out your "site options" - on default "ecchi contents" are hidden, so you have to "uncheck" it and click on update. Then, you have to refresh the site, sometimes you have to log out and back in in order for these changes to take effect (copy/paste from angelxuaan post)

>>> just a matter of time :) The site needs a little of time before to show a new image, so just have a little of patience!

>>> nobody can't anymore, this feature was disabled mounths ago. Here's what you need to do:

1. Find an inactive/empty group.
- Check and see if the staff are active on the site. Contact the staff of said group to see if you can have their group.

2. PM a Mod with a link to the group and a short description of what kind of group you want to create. Also include what you might want the group name to be changed to. (No spaces, but hyphens can be used instead.)

3. We'll review your "application" and send it to Sheqel, who will make the necessary changes. Please be patient as it may take some time. (It's really dependent on when Sheqel gets online)
(copy/paste from fireflywishes post)

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