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My scan was deleted:
Guilty Crown Complete Book cover by Aliceblond
Guilty Crown Complete Book cover by Aliceblond
with the following PM:

Quote by Aliceblond,

The scan you have submitted (Guilty Crown Complete Book cover) was removed for one or more of the following reasons:

- The image was too small. Only scans with a clear subject of 1,000,000 pixels or more are accepted.
- The scan contains excessive artifacts. This includes, but is not limited to: page folds, dust, or text on the image.
- The image was enlarged. The majority of anime images found on the internet are not sufficient quality to be submitted at Minitokyo, please do not attempt to enlarge these images for submission.

If you still find the scan is of decent quality however, you can always submit it at Minitokyo's sister site: Zerochan.


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This is an automated message and cannot be replied.

Additional information provided by the moderator:
colors are really washed out compare to this:

Inquiries can be made in the Deletion Complaints forum.

1) The image was originally 15000 px by its bigger size. I resized it to make it more neat. It is not small at all, it is actually big, having 7679 px by its bigger size.
2) It doesn't have folds, I've spent more than 3 hours removing them. If you can see them I'm really surprized.
3) If a BIG scan is resized to a SMALLER size it is not enlarging, Mr. or Ms. moderatior. See the explanation number 1.
4) Would you please care to read what I wrote about this pic? This is a COMPLETE ARTBOOK COVER and its colour scheme is totally different from the one from a PAGE from this arbook that you refer to. I can take a photo of both of them together if you do not believe me. The arbook also has a black and white version of the same pics, but I thought that it would be better to scan the colour version. Yes, the colour scheme is much more pale than the one from that artbook page but it also includes the main male character of the series, not only the main female character. I paid close attention to the artist's idea. If he/she chose the cover to be pale I should make it look pale too, not overdo its saturation to suite someone's preferences.
I do not think that my scan is ideal but I do believe that it is not bad at all and meets MT's rules. I was really surprised to see it deleted. MT has a lot of quite LQ scans from magazines, with folds, bending lines etc. Their sumbmitters didn't care to edit them and I worked for several hours to share this pic with GC fans who do not own this arbook like I do. If it is not appreciated I guess I'd rather be greedy and keep all the rare art from Guilty Crown to myself.


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No you never wrote anything like that in your comment box. You just wrote how you scanned and edited it. I've seen the cover of this artbook before in store and online and the cover did not look this washed out like yours but after thinking about it for a while and putting in some other factors I decided to restore your scan. I know your upset but being irrational to me about your sharing scans just because of one deletion is somewhat petty of you. Try to be more open minded in these case

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