How to make lineart more SMOOOTH?

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Stock: none for both works- Photoshop pen tool, brushes, filters, and effects

Main concern: How to make lineart more SMOOOTH?

Need help with anatomy: I'm not good with hands, so I might have over-filtered those parts.
I also don't know how to make the bleach one into a wallpaper- any suggestions?

Need Help with Quality: What is a the appropriate resolution and dimensions when "painting" in photoshop? When my files are too big- my computer crashes.

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plz help - thx!

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I usually uses photoshop pen tool for vector. try to arrange your anchor point to make it smooth, though sometimes it still looks jagged but you can add or reduce anchor points to your liking. also it depends on the scan for vector size. you need a good computer though for big files, or it won't hold it or worse, crashed like you've said
as with anatomy, I also like drawing fanarts but not really good with them as well. there are various tutorials on deviantart, but if you want to try another thing, take a pict of your hands and draw them! XD I use that method sometimes, as for it will work or not, it depends. but practice makes perfect! so keep up! try to use various hand references from deviantart as well if you want.
for the bleach one, try to crop the feet, add moon/mountain/trees on the bg. the blue color is perfect for night scene, making it more of a ninja wallpaper sounds nice.

that's all what I can help with, good luck!

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Warning: very long post ahead and hopefully helpful thread necroing c: Bolded the sections so they'd be easier to follow

The hands aren't that bad looking, IMO, it all depends on how detailed you want to make them: just the outline or adding knuckles, skin lines, nails (with shine and whatnot) etc. Here's a pretty good tutorial: Hand tutorial by alexds1, but you can find a lot on DA if this one isn't good for you (just search for "hand (drawing) tutorial").

Concerning the lineart, "smooth" is a bit vague. Are you referring to quality or shape? Quality-wise, your best bet is to use the Pen Tool to either vector or stroke it. For stroking, make sure to use the Brush option and set it to at least 75% hardness (size depends on how thick you want your lineart to be). Alternatively, check out this tutorial: Cleaning Scanned Lineart if this is what you're aiming for.
Shape-wise, I'd suggest using less anchor points (if you're using the Pen Tool) and working with the curved parts of the lines more. For example, if you want to outline the top part of a character's head, 3 anchor points are usually enough to get a smooth curve. The more anchor points you have, the less control you have over how round or flowing the lineart looks. Lots of anchor points should be used only when you have a lineart that changes direction very often - lots of small flowers, jewelry, hair strands etc. - otherwise use the minimum possible.

For the second drawing, I'd suggest placing him in an large, empty room (lol, the opposite of what Kurorisa suggested XD) and emphasizing his "powers" by drawing light wisps and effects around him, like he's powering up or something (IDK, I'm not familiar with Bleach). You already drew him in a powerful pose, so there's not really any need to pile up lots of elements around him, let him stand out instead. You can also try darkening the corners of the wallpaper gradually so that it doesn't look too empty or end too abruptly.

As for the crashing, maybe PS is set to not use a lot of memory. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Performance and you'll see the two options you need to change: "Let PS Use..." and Scratch Disks. For the first, drag the arrow until you get a value that's optimal for you (I currently have it at 70% or 1179mb* for 4gb of memory). For the scratch disks, select one (or how many you want) - preferably not the one you have Windows and other programs on, and one that has a lot of free space. If you choose a disk with little free space, you may run into the problem of not being able to save your files (you get a message along the lines of "Scratch Disks are full.") when working with large files and not restarting PS from time to time.
After making the changes, click on OK. It may require a reboot of the computer, not just restarting the program, before the settings take effect. Before I changed the settings I used to get freezes and lag all the time; now, I can open 400mb+ files and work as fast as I want to.

Aside from technical specs, the more raster layers** you have in your file, the bigger it will be. Sometimes, when vectoring, even deleting the original image (raster layer) from the file will make a difference of 70mb in terms of filesize, depending on how big it is (I normally work with stuff around 5000x7000px).

* this is the current available memory, as there are other programs open as well.
** the ones you paint on; as opposed to these, shape and text layers are vector-based, which means you can resize them anyway you want and they won't lose their high quality.

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