Do u believe in luck or hard work?

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Quote by Blue-LatteHard work of course, people who work hard make their own luck. =)

Haha only in a funny parallel universe.

  • Nov 01, 2016



I'm too SHINY!


Quote by Missty-chan

Quote by greenoYou are sadly misinformed. There's a difference between luck and privilege.

Oh ? Really ? Isn't it luck to be born in a wealthy family in the first place ? After that, you may have the "privilege" to choose your own path, sure. But you're just lucky to be born in such family to begin with.
I think you're just way too young (or idealist) to know how the world works. So, if there is someone misinformed here, it's not me. ;)

That makes me sad feel sad for you


There is no such thing as 'luck'

  • May 12, 2020

there is karma, however karma can just get an individual up until now. with difficult work, it can get an individual that a lot farther, as I would see it.

  • 46wk 2d ago

Naturally hard work, though hard work alone might not give you result save enhancing your EGO, self esteem and self confidence. If you are industrious, people around you will respect you too.
In our present society of competition, out of 10 equally hard work people, probably luck favors the 1 among them. That is the way one can reconcile with the truth as to why despite hard work, one does not get the benefits.
Just sitting idly and wait for luck after purchasing lottery also will cick in some cases. But statistics reveals that such people come back to square-1 after some time, since to sustain what one gets out of luck, he requires hard work and intelligence too.
You can believe in anything, but you have to work hard to make your belief becoming true. Luck favors sometimes as in the case of disaster happened in Nepal wherein after a week one old chap was taken out of the debris alive. What hard work he could have done save waiting for providential help with hope? Whereas if I fall into mid of the sea, unless I work hard by peddling my limbs till help comes, luck will not save me in the form of dolphin/whale!

  • 8wk 4d ago

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