The judgment to keep similar scans in the gallery.

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Best regards to all the staff at Minitokyo. :)

I was reading and informing me about how sharing best scans in the gallery and on appeals deletion ( ).

Similarly, I wonder what is the criterion to keep scans almost equal (only with some slight differences) in the gallery?

I say this beacuse why it seems somewhat disordered so to speak.

For example to understand me better: there is a scan of the Newtype Magazine but after a while the Blu-ray scans filter in the web, are the same images that the scans of the Newtype but not the content of the news story, fully clean. A user shares the scan of the Blu-ray and it is normal to remove the scan of the magazine or poster and maintain the new scan.

But I have seen that in some galleries keep both, both the scan of the magazine and clean scan. I as a user of Minitokyo, prefer to have the clean, even if it has a resolution a little lower.

Here some examples:

Nerawareta Gakuen:
Glimmers in the Air (Magazine Page)
Blu-ray #06 (Blu-ray clean booklet)

Song (Magazine Page)
Blu-ray #05 (Blu-ray clean booklet)

Zetsuen no Tempest ~BLAST OF TEMPEST~
Zetsuen no Tempest#604584 (Magazine Page)

Angel Beats!
Angel Beats!#434310 (Magazine Page)
Angel Beats!#470843 (Artbook clean page)

Newtype - Wild Heaven (Magazine Page)
Angel Beats!#537318 (Artbook clean page)

Angel Beats!#461437 (Magazine Page)
Angel Beats!#537319 (Artbook clean page)

Angel Beats!#504447 (Magazine Page)
Angel Beats!#537708 (Artbook clean page)

Neon Genesis Evangelion#584987 (Magazine Page)
Neon Genesis Evangelion#613833 (Clean page)

Neon Genesis Evangelion#469489 (Magazine Page)
Evangelion 2 (Clean page)

Carnival Phantasm:
Carnival Phantasm#506661 (Magazine Page)
Carnival Phantasm#513480 (Clean page)

Sleepover (Magazine Page)
Clannad scan_05 (Artbook clean page)

Clannad - Little Music Band (Magazine Page)
Morning Melody (Artbook clean page)

Clannad (Magazine Page)
Cherry Blossom (Clean page)

Gym (Magazine Page)
Basketball (Clean page)

* Additional to this, I see that some scans with a copy kept in the gallery yet understanding that one of the two has better quality.

Nerawareta Gakuen:
supercell/Nerawareta Gakuen (Cover of the single)
Blu-ray #04 / ED Single - giniro hikousen by supercell (Blu-ray booklet)

Shingeki no Kyojin:
Shingeki no Kyojin#619669 (Flie of 1280x1024)
Pizza Hut x Shingeki no Kyojin (File of 1680x1050)

These are just some of the examples. Sometimes if replaced, sometimes not.
Then I would like to know what is the reason that kept both scans in the gallery, Do not think it's something messy? Please teach me to learn more about the website. In addition to this, if I can help with anything, let me know.

Many thanks to all the staff and members of minitiky for all scans that allow us to share i'll be waiting for an answer. :)


P.S. Sorry for my English, my first language is the Español I try to be as clear as possible, it takes me a little time.

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