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Muffin-chan's return!!!! X3


I was watching Soukyuu no Fafner again lately, and wanted to ask some questions, because there's no wiki on it, and I can't seem to find the answer in the episodes themselves no matter how many times I watch it! O_O I've seen forums on MT regarding questions with this series, but they didn't answer my own questions and I don't want to revive a forum that ended one or two years ago. So, here are my questions. Please help me answer them! :o

1. What happens when a person is assimilated? Do they die, or what? Do they become a festum?

2. What exactly (in detail) happened in Soushi's past?

Thanks! :D It would really make the series less confusing xD

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Here is the Wiki page for Fafner, if it is the one you're looking for.

To answer your questions, this is my take on it...

1. They don't die, they just become part of a collective so to speak, what they do lose when they become assimilated is their individuality and an essential part of their humanity...their emotions as they converse with those who haven't been assimilated with a monotonous tone, with no real feeling in the speech pattern.

2.I don't know how far you've gotten into the series, but what happened in Soushi's past has to do with what

Spoiler (show)

Kazuki did to his left eye in their childhood, that it affected the sight in that eye, and because of Soushi's incomplete vision he cannot pilot a Fafner and it causes a rift in his relationship with Kazuki. Since Soushi was the only one who knew the real truth, he wanted to protect their island in any way he could, and what he's left with is only acting as a battle commander by linking up with the Fafner pilots via the Siegfried System. After the incident that had blinded his left eye plus being virtually isolated for many years, he became a socially distant person.

I hope I answered your questions to your satisfaction to help clarify things.


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