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Reading the rules is pretty much a given, that’s what anyone should do when starting out in the tagging business (and believe me, those rules are a godsend ^^”). But, aside from the obvious, there are some minor things that aren’t necessarily written down but learned along the way. However, it’s always helpful to know what you can or can’t do, and being efficient saves everyone a lot of time c:

So, what can you do to tag more easily and efficiently?

+ Research before making a new tag! This is to avoid creating multiple tags for the same thing. For characters or people, make sure to also search for alternate names if you know them; they might be listed under that name only.

+ Check the aliases! Common tags have shorter versions of their names as aliases (for example, Adjusting Glasses has ADJ). Use these to tag faster and to avoid spelling mistakes in tags with longer names.

+ If you’re unsure, ask! Not sure if a particular tag should be added to an image? Write about it in the Tag-licious group; report the image and ask there, or private message a tagging mod.

+ Suggest tags! It always helps when we can categorize images better. The more images there are, the higher the chance the new tag will be created. So, before suggesting a tag, make sure you gather at least 5 images for it.

+ Join Tag-licious! (if you haven't already) Obvious plug aside, you can discuss tags and suggest new ones. There will also be weekly updates posted announcing the new tags, so joining is an excellent way to stay on top of things.

Brush up on the rules again here:
+ Tagging guidelines - the gist of tagging.
+ The Policy - long, but useful.
+ Tag administration thread - go here to report your tags!
+ Tag-licious - more useful rules and tips, talk about tags.

Happy tagging! C:

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