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(Did that thread title make sense? Who knows.) Clearly there will be spoilers here.

Okay so once upon a time, my friends told me that I should watch SnK. If you have not yet watched this show, and you don't like the idea of drowning in a pool of your own tears, TURN BACK NOW. Unfortunately, I did not have anyone to tell me to hold on to my sanity, and so I watched Attack on Titan. For me it was one of those things that reaches into my heart and crushes my soul, but like, in a good way, where I'm left crying because everything is beautiful and everything is sad and i want to marry the entire survey corps who said that. I'm currently in the process of reading the manga as well.

Anyway the point of this thread is that I've seen some arguments among fans about who the heroes are in the series. Some people stick with Eren/Armin/Mikasa, and others say that they are fighting for the wrong cause and back the titan trio. I myself find the morality in SnK to be very gray, not at all black and white. I love all of the characters (for the most part) and part of the reason that this series tears at my heart is that it seems like we have to side with one group or the other.

So I wanted to throw it out for discussion. What do you guys think about the whole thing?


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What do I think about the whole thing? Pretty much the same as what you have already written. Everyone who had seen it before me recommended to me to watch it and at the beginning, I only saw the first two episodes and had enough. I thought it was terribly depressing. It was too apocalyptic for me and I couldn't ignore how much the Titans reminded me of zombies (that I hate). But then I found all those parodies, jokes, and fanart on the internet and realized that my interpretation of the show was rather one-sided. Other people obviously could find something in it why they liked it. And I believe it's not only the super-awesome breathtaking animation. The anime has a really strong story and is so thrilling that once I decided to watch the rest of it, I couldn't stop before I've seen he whole thing. I saw all of the episodes in one day.

Personally, I've always been quite immune to tears, and movies rarely make me cry. My problem with this anime wasn't how sad it was; merely how disgusting and grey it was. I don't like the idea of humankind being on the verge of extinction, even less by the fault of mindless man-eating giants. -__- That so many characters have died in the show was a little bit secondary to me. I have learned to keep my distance from characters in TV shows/movies. However, I started reading the manga as well and I must say that it's become funnier than I woukld have ever expected from a series like this...

Concerning the main characters, I stick with the opinion that Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are the heroes. They also get the most time on screen; that's undisputable. I believe we cannot really judge the Titan trio yet, because we (STILL!) don't have enough information. I understand people who don't like them but on the other hand, we've been shown that they have feelings as well, and some hints suggest that they're not doing everything willingly. So, I can't truly say who are the good and the bad guys yet, and I can't really say that I hate any of the characters in the show. There's definitely something huge going on in the series and if we could see it from the Titan-shifters' point of view, we might have viewed everything differently but as I said, we still don't have enough information for that. We can only assume things right now.

P.S. I love evryone in the Survey Corps, too. :3



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yea it is a touching series i liked it..well it's not my fav but i liked it..well it has a good scenes but the one that made me sad was petra's death that girl petra ral i was sad about he death she's cute and kind and loyal she was perfect to me she doesn't deserve this

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