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Continuing from the last PSA, "Better tagging, happier people!", this month's announcement deals with Theme tags. They're quite possibly the most difficult tag category to handle and, at the same time, one of the more fun ones! So why exactly IS it the most difficult tag type? Well, it requires the most research and work: first you decide that you need a particular tag, then you go hunting for images for it, often through dozens of pages of images. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

+ Is the tag needed? “Needed” means having a reasonable number of images (at least 4-5) it can be added to. When creating a new tag, it’s advisable to post in the Tag Admin Thread and list a few images for it (or add it to a few images before posting). If it’s good, it’ll stay, but if it doesn’t have enough images and you don’t post about it, it will most likely get deleted or merged with a bigger tag.
It’s recommended that you ask in the Tag-licious group before creating a new Theme tag. If it’s good, we’ll give you the OK to make it. If not, we’ll explain why.
A particular situation are bigger galleries, like Carry: it has recently been divided into several sub-galleries in order to help with finding particular images.

+ Are there any alternatives? Sometimes, you can use a bigger tag. For example, you can use the Cross tag for images with ankhs. If the alternative is more reasonable than the new tag, use that instead. But if, on the other hand, there are enough images of ankhs (refer to previous point), then sure, go ahead and suggest it!

+ How specific? A new Theme tag should be specific enough to help narrow down images, but also generic enough to have enough images. Sounds confusing at first, but it helps avoid overcrowding with tags that never get used. Also consider if the tag can be replaced with a combination of a few words when searching.
For example, the Mismatched Legwear tag: it’s restricted to different-colored/patterned legwear, but generic enough to include thigh highs, socks and pantyhose - as opposed to how “Mismatched Socks” or “Mismatched Thigh Highs” would be.

+ Can I add a new subtag for another Theme tag? Of course! We’ve created a Baseball Bat tag, separate from Baseball, for more accurate categorization (not all images with baseball bats feature characters playing baseball). Another example would be separating Train Station, Railroad Tracks and Subway from Trains.

Brush up on the rules again here:
+ Tagging guidelines - the gist of tagging.
+ The Policy - long, but useful.
+ Tag administration thread - go here to report your tags!
+ Tag-licious - more useful rules and tips, talk about tags.

Happy tagging! C:

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