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What is your favorite One Piece arc thus far?

East Blue (Romance Dawn, Baratie, Arlong Park)
2 votes
Alabasta (Whiskey Peak, Drum Island, Little Garden, Alabasta)
0 votes
Sky Island (Jaya, Skypiea)
0 votes
Water 7 (Long Ring Long Land, Water 7, Enies Lobby)
1 votes
Thriller Bark
0 votes
Summit War (Impel Down, Battle at Marineford)
5 votes

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Interstellar Force


Whether you are reading or watching One Piece (or both), what has been your favorite arc in the series thus far?

If Fishman Island is your favorite, then go ahead and post. I'll update the first post with overall results (we are limited to six poll choices).

Did not include the Pirate Alliance arc as it is still ongoing. : )

Summit War arc has been one of the most enjoyable arcs for me thus far. It had a lot of different characters that had already been mentioned as well as introducing us to new ones we had not seen. It was also a major turning point for Luffy (and consequentially the crew).



We are! / We go!


My favorite part in ONE PIECE.

Spoiler (show)

EVER AND EVER is the I WANT TO LIVE! of Robin, I really cried in that part, is really beautiful.

El hombre que lo Consiguió todo en este mundo fue el Rey de los Piratas Gold Roger. Sus Ultimas palabras, durante su ejecución, enviaron a la gente a los mares. "¿Mis riquezas y mis tesoros? si los queréis, os permito haceros con ellos. !Buscadlos, los dejé todos en ese lugar!". En esta era, los hombres persiguen sus sueños. !El mundo se encuentra sumergido en la Gran era de los Piratas!

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