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What are Meta tags?
Imagine that each tag is a sheet of paper. At first, you only have a few so it’s easy to sort through them. But the pile keeps growing and suddenly you find yourself buried in a mountain of papers that still keeps growing! Good luck finding what you need!

This is where Meta tags come in. If the other tags are papers, the Metas are folders: unlike regular tags, they can’t be added to gallery items, but serve as a useful way to organize the major tags around a theme. Their names are self-explanatory.
You might also know them as “pools” on other image gallery sites.

What meta tags does Minitokyo use?
Glad you asked! They can be grouped in 3 major categories:

1. Metas for sorting Themes

Spoiler (show)

2. Metas for sorting other types of tags

Spoiler (show)

- Source Materials
- Artbooks
- Conventions
- Drama CD
- Games
- Gravure Idols
- Japanese Entertainers
- K-Pop Idols
- Light Novel
- Magazines
- Mangaka & Studios
- Manhua (Chinese equivalent of manga)
- Manhwa (Korean equivalent of manga)
- Non-Anime
- OEL Manga (manga drawn by non-Asian artists)
- Series

3. Metas for specific series and characters

Spoiler (show)

Why are there meta tags added to images if they can’t be added?
Those are the result of Theme tags being switched to Meta tags.

Any other questions? Ask below! And, as always, happy tagging! c:

Brush up on the rules again here:
+ Tagging guidelines - the gist of tagging.
+ The Policy - long, but useful.
+ Tag administration thread - go here to report your tags!
+ Tag-licious - more useful rules and tips, talk about tags.

merged: 04-25-2014 ~ 10:00pm
Update: and we have new meta tags available already!
Art Supplies
Drama CD
Light Novel
Office Supplies

UPDATE Aug 11, 2015: added Fashions and Tropes.
UPDATE Jan 09, 2016: Flora has been renamed to Nature to include more tags.

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