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Idolizing Smiles by omarss
Idolizing Smiles by omarss

Quote by omarss,

The wallpaper you have submitted (Idolizing Smiles) was removed for one or more of the following reasons:

- It was too simplistic.
- The subject was too blurry or over-filtered.
- It used screenshots or unmodified stock photos.
- It was a low-effort wallpaper.
- It was an alternate version of an existing wallpaper. Please only upload one version of a wallpaper. If you wish to display alternate versions, you may post an offsite link.
- It did not feature an anime-style image.

Minitokyo only accepts wallpapers that meet certain standards of quality. For help with making wallpapers, refer to the Art & Design Lounge and/or Sandbox.


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This is an automated message and cannot be replied.

Additional information provided by the moderator:
The primary reason for the deletion is the quality of the render and image in the background: you can see the render has been enlarged because it is pixelated, while the image in the background is blurry (probably a screenshot - I\'d avoid using screenshots without modifying them, as they are usually of low quality).

Inquiries can be made in the Deletion Complaints forum.


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I'm not the one who deleted this, but I totally agree.

Here on MT, we do demand a certain degree of quality for wallpapers. It is the base to create quality works. Bad rendering, pixelations and overal bad quality sources/composition are the things that mainly deletes your work. It is not much as it is the base, but it is something one needs to know and control to get their wallpapers accepted.

Even though, your idea and purpose looks like you are trying to show their friendship. It is nice, but the execution is poor due to the fact that you still need to learn the basic principles properly. Don't worry, we have artists here like myself to help you out and show you the way.

Let's start with the background. It is simple, ghosted and even a screenshot of lower quality. This is highly frowned upon, because screenshots are a terrible source to use in a wallpaper unless you paint, vector or use them in a way that they do not lose quality. The second thing about it is ghosting. Ghosting is putting a transparent image in the background or as the background. It tends to indicate laziness and the lack of creativity to fill up space or use proper composition.

The second thing is the render in the front. It is actually rendered properly. What you may have noticed, is that the outer lines tend to brighten up a little, which you don't want. Basically, just use inside stroke, pick a colour and put it on 1px. Then flatten image/save so the stroke effect is merged with the actual image. Hats off on rendering properly, really. Although, I do have my questions of the image quality itself.

The text is pretty bad...no idea what to say about it. I just think it shouldn't have been there at all.

Aside from that. It is pretty nice if you put the piece together more with blending and lighting effects. It is pretty advanced, so take your time.

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I am the one who deleted the wallpaper.
What is the question, exactly?

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