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You all know that love comes in many forms. Although, the most occuring form when it comes to a relationship or couple is that one or both are blindly in love. What does this mean? It means that the person has become figuratively blind and is unable to be realistic about anything in the relationship. This is also called idealism, twisting everything in your mind to fit the perfect picture while in reality, it is not.

I am quite experienced in love itself or atleast when it comes to loving one for the right reasons and a stable long-term relationship. That does not mean I have not tested my own brain to see how much it likes to idealize things. That's what you have a good partner, friends and family for. To hold you back from doing things you'll regret.

Well..for me as far as experience goes related to this thread. It's not myself but it is really dumb and from what I know, person itself puts the lover on top and is unable to appreciate anything or anyone else. Feels kind of bad, sad, pathetic, childish, unrealistic and hopeless to me.

What I ask of you members is, what do you think how people act when they are being blind and how did they act? (Like the things someone keeps saying a lot, etc) Do you have experienced it yourself or from someone else. How do you look at it now you look back and how do you think it could have been prevented?
This can be about yourself or others. A little hint on what to say to this topic, you don't have to answer it all, but it will make you think a bit. I have gotten a little curious for what people have to say about this after certain events.

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"Love-blindness" is merely an idealization of another person who has recently become an object of desire. A strong psycho-chemical response in the brain of the affected individual(s), combined with an intense physical desire serves to create this esteemed mental image of, and affection for, this other person. Those who are affected by this condition are blissfully ignorant that they are less discriminating in regard to many other aspects of the "loved one," such as, annoying personality traits, bad habits, and other such imperfections. Instead, those under the influence of this strong emotional condition focus on the positive traits of their newly acquired love interest. Perhaps, the key to the long term success of a relationship which has begun as "love struck" or love blind," is for the couple to continue to focus on the qualities that they most admire in the other and marginalize those characteristics which they find objectionable. Opposites may attract initially, yet long term relationships that have a foundation in common interests, religious and political beliefs, and a compatible personality type are far easier to maintain.

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Love isn't the catalyst for why people become strung-up idiots.
People are the catalyst for being strung-up idiots.
Too many politically correct american terms and none of them can really be used to describe the situation you're trying to show. People who naturally ignore all and only care about their lover have more issues elsewhere than actually with the concept of love itself.

Blindness, awkwardness and overly-preened mannerisms are all a by-product of the romantically handicapped.

Love has always been simple to do and simple to keep. Problem is, many people aren't suited for it and can't live life knowing they're either alone, as they become a public nuisance. If they're being figuratively blind then there's a reason they are in a relationship, simple as that.

Idk about you but I have a significant other as a twin to my own likes and dislikes, but staying in a relationship with her would mean nothing is ever going to change for me. Liking the same things, agreeing on the same things, eating at the same places with no real objection makes the relationship bland and empty, I'm better off dating myself and taking myself out to eat.

The only benefit I see in having a 'twin' you're in a relationship with, is the benefit of sex without any form of entitlement felt on the other end, which seems to be why everyone marries these days - if that's not a deterrent than it'll be great to date yourself.
No, having a person with similar beliefs and likes is *not* a good relationship depending on what you're in it for. There's no compatible personality either because personalities aren't that easy to understand, not in this century with so many multiracial people who are cross-bred with very wild genes that mutated and evolved overtime to give us some extremes.

I have many active relationships and they are all women with something to be proud of. Be it intelligence, wealth, luxury or even something as simple as having a nice, pleasant life where she gets to feel the wind blow her hair as she rolls around her garden - they are what I like to call grounded women. Women with no real issues that threaten their happiness.
They have not caused me a single problem and for good reason. Their personality can be as incompatible as you want it to be but as long as their happiness is present, it doesn't matter what kind of personality you have. It'll only serve to position you on the pie chart.
The problems lie elsewhere.

I've found many more women who *I* found completely boring to talk to and some of them can be both compatible and incompatible - yet I've slowly, over the course of time removed them in the most painless way possible and am no longer associating with them, but I do entertain - since that's what I tell myself would be the morally correct thing to do. They can completely suck and be broken, or otherwise be boring to talk to, or even look like the standard blue ocean whale when comparing sizes - but they are still women.

I don't know about you, but perhaps I had better luck with meeting girls who I didn't have compulsion to marry just because we spend time with each other using time we're willing to sacrifice for whatever reason? I can't say. Each of them I know have different nationalities and upbringings, can't really get any more diverse than that - but the point wasn't to prostrate my relationships.
The point is that all of them are active, moreso now since it's winter and they're all making plans to spend time with people they believe deserves the time. Saying all of them are 'supposedly compatible' is a pretty wide stretch bordering on nonsense.

I'm sure many people have done and experienced the exact same thing I have, irregardless of social and personal compatibility. In cases like this, you can't even have a proper foundation for anything since the very reason it was founded was the very reason it was destroyed or just blatantly not possible.

Gauging relationships by personality/cloning and what have you is already wrong.

In practicality, lets say Val's personality conflicts with mine - I'm pretty sure I can make her happy regardless, as long as I don't screw up her day which is essentially what relationships are about. Not screwing up the others day.

Saying "Well GL I mean both of you are completely different but hey it might work but maybe it might not" is a stupid argument for stupid people - but is also what separates the virgins from the crowd, I suppose. Taking so many middle grounds in fear of being proven wrong is not only something an intellectually afraid person would do, it also makes an individual more ignorant than they could normally be.

Relationships and the people in them suffer from physical and mental 'issues' for very specific reasons, yet you need only 2 real things to know about them and those things are if they are meant to have one, or not.
In the long run, everything else is irrelevant as they produce the same results - like I said in a previous thread, stay married for 60 years. From 30 to 90, pull it off, then come back to tell me about your journey.

If you've never had a relationship last more than 30 years without needing to jump ship to the next pollinated flower, I think I can pinup another problem on your refrigerator.

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I like this sort of topics, i wanted to post something here but i guess you can say i am under the influences of this Blind love so i feel as if would be inappropriate but i did wanted to say that i like each one of your thoughts about this topic and hopefully there would be more of this sort of topics in the future.

(sorry if this is spamming but i will soon edit this as to my opinion to this topic )

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