Peacemaker Kurogane paper made LONG ago!

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So I made this years ago...I had it posted on Anime Paper when it was up and running. I tried to upload it here and it got rejected so I was going to post it to the Sandbox to see if I could find out why it was rejected.

I had revised this several times, and its supposed to have an old timey photo look to it. Thanks for the feedback :)

original scan (can't believe I still have this lol) ----->

Paper ----->

  • Feb 22, 2015


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AP has been gone for quite a while now. Sources to make wallpapers along with the techniques used are far greater and commonly used than almost 10 years ago, so in short; quality acceptance has gone up a bit throughout the years.

The characters look alright, they are fine. I like that you use some textures. The background though, way too empty. Then there is kind of blood there that doesn't do much other than kind of ruin what is already there. The text is bd too and there is nothing else in the wallpaper, no background at all.

Text font is alright. Get rid of the emboss and effects (emboss is horrible), then move it more to the left. Not exactly in the middle, but it should be close to the characters so it doesn't feel disconnected from the entire peace. Get rid of those blood splatters, the big one really ruins it. Make the text bleed a little instead as it does not ruin is and still has the same effect.

Not sure, I think Panda mentioned something about the render's quality (I can't judge this part well, sorry) but having another look...why is his teary eye darker than the rest? And there seems to be a few jaggies here and there, might be the reason.

Add something to the background or add lighting effects (can only be this if well executed) which do make miracles and does the final touches to any piece.

Well done on cleaning the scan btw.

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Thanks for the advice :)

  • Feb 22, 2015

looks to me like you want a Film Noire effect on the Wallpaper so i w sould first change the Font in something more solemove that blood splash because it dont blent in to well.
Try to render a decent BG like maybe a simple scenery or a City nothing to complex but something that would fit the Noire feeling it gave off.
That grain effect makes the Quallity lower so why dont you search for tutorial for that kind of effect and use it after you finish BG to match the overall wakllpaper adding some shadow or light effects depending on the BG would also looks good

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